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Eau Rouge
CFRP CD/DVD Stabilizer

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Eau Rouge CFRP CD/DVD Stabilizer ER-CDSX

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Reduces strain and greatly improves S/N

Very high electromagnetic wave absorption capacity


The pickups in CD and DVD players are constantly subjected to motor vibration caused by rotation, which generates jitter in reading music signals and causes significant loss or distortion of music information.

The CFRP CD stabilizer "ER-CDSX" is a composite material of resin and carbon fiber, which itself has several times the vibration absorption capacity of cast iron. And carbon has a very high electromagnetic wave absorption capacity: placing the ER-CDSX under a CD/DVD will actively absorb electromagnetic waves emitted by CD and DVD players, which are digital equipment, reducing distortion and greatly improving S/N.

Size 120 × 0.6mm (t)

*It is not available on all CD players.Please be careful.