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Eau Rouge CFRP Concent Board ER-BX/PS

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Eau Rouge CFRP Concent Board ER-BX/PS

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Carbon Outlet Insulator

Raises the quality of sound to a much higher level

The outlet base has two purposes. One is to prevent vibration from the wall, which is always affected by sound pressure, from being transmitted to the outlet. The other is to effectively ground the vibration of the outlet itself.
Eau Rouge is not just a solid material, but uses two CFRP base boards with greatly increased volume, and by sandwiching an insulator between them, we have raised its performance beyond the framework of an outlet base to that of an outlet insulator.

The ER-BX/PS provides transparency and silence in a wide space behind music reproduction. It gives each individual sound a sense of reality and raises the quality of each note to far higher heights.
Dimensions 100(W)×150(H)×15(D)mm