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Eau Rouge
CFRP + Almihanicam Structure Instrator

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Eau Rouge CFRP + Almihanicam Structure Instrator ER-BEEZ

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Purely grounding the vibration of audio products

Combination of CFRP and aluminum honeycomb


CFRP is a material characterized by light weight and high rigidity. If the rack or base to which it is combined is heavy or has low rigidity like rubber or polymers, its effect will be reduced by half.
The honeycomb insulator was developed to eliminate these effects as much as possible and to bring out the full potential of CFRP's inherent performance. The structure is a high-precision aluminum honeycomb sandwiched between highly elastic CFRP fibers on the top and bottom surfaces. This structure is also used in aircraft, but the content of the CFRP fiber and the density of the honeycomb are several grades higher.

This insulator is also very effective for speakers with large vibrations, and you will be able to enjoy an overwhelming sense of openness and extension to ultra-low tones.
Of course, the treatment of minute vibrations in amplifiers, CDs, and analog players is not affected by the condition of the insulator, and will greatly bring out the potential of the equipment.

Size 45 (W) × 45 (D) × 25 (H) mm