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Famous vintage turntable

Tone arm loading of dynamic dubbing mechanism equipment.

Arm elevation mechanism
The uncontacted anti skating & oil dumping lifter is attached to the arm.
The electronic brake is carried in the phone motor.

Condition Good working order. Good cosmetic condition, aging worn.
Accessory N/A
Turntable Upper part: Zinc die-casting 30.8cm Lower part: Aluminum die casting
Motor Out rotor AC servomotor
Speed control Both-directions servo DENON Quartz
Number of rotations 33 1/3、45rpm
Rotation control ±6% adjustable
Wow and flutter 0.008(0.015/0.02)%w.rms
SN rate 80dB
Tonearm Static balance S type with a dynamic dumping mechanism
Effective length 244mm
Over hang 14mm
Stylus force adjustment 2.5g (0.1g of one scale) of one rotation
Arm hight range 9mm
Dimensions/Weight W490×H161×D444mm/16kg
Voltage 100V/50,60Hz