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Yamamoto Sound Craft
Speaker stand DK series 1unit

Product code: dks-1

Yamamoto Sound Craft Speaker stand DK series 1unit

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This is a made-to-order product. Delivery time will be about 3 weeks. Price is for one unit.
If you need two speakers, please purchase two speakers.

Bring out 100% of the speaker's performance!

Stand for large speakers that firmly supports speakers while taking advantage of the resonance of cherry wood


The DK series speaker stands are designed for medium to large size speakers, and are constructed with 10cm square Asada cherry wood posts at the four corners and a 30mm thick cherry plywood joint in the center to support the speakers. The speakers are placed on the four pillars.

The weight of the speaker is placed downward on the pillars, so even a heavy speaker weighing approximately 100 kg can be installed stably. The standard type is 350x480x400(H)mm for Tannoy Stirling and 440x650x250(H)mm for JBL. The margin between the speaker and the pillar is 1cm. By changing the size of the joint between the pillar and the center portion, it is possible to accommodate speakers of various sizes.

DK-40 (for TANNOY STIRLING) 350×480×400(H)mm
DK-25(for JBL4344) 440×650×250(H)mm
Load capacity Approx. 100kg

We also offer custom-ordered speaker stands with a fall-preventing structure, which are used in recording studios for professional use. The structure is such that the speaker is inserted into the four legs of the DK series stand to prevent lateral displacement and tipping over.

The four L-shaped legs enclose the bottom of the speaker and prevent it from tipping over. The lowered area in the center is the speaker installation area. Speakers placed in this area are prevented from tipping over.