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ESOTERIC D-2 D/A Converter

Product code: d-2

ESOTERIC D-2 D/A Converter

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D/A converter with distortion shaper ZD-II

A D/A converter released by TEAC in 1989 under the Esoteric brand.This unit is designed to be paired with the P-2, but also offers excellent performance and functionality as a stand-alone D/A converter.It is equipped with an auto-search mechanism to support various digital inputs, and achieves a wide lock range with high accuracy.

The digital filter is a 45-bit 8x oversampling digital filter,In addition, a newly developed noise shaper is installed to convert the accurately calculated 45-bit grayscale information to 18 bits,Even ultra-fine signals of 18 bits or less are not discarded, and the resolution below the noise level is realized, enhancing the linearity of the minute level.

Newly developed distortion shaper (ZD-II) with high-pass dither for ultra-low distortion ratio improves S/N ratio and disperses D/A converter conversion errors, further enhancing the distortion shaping effect for significantly lower distortion ratio.
Condition Excellent working order. Cosmetical condition is 7/10.
accessory Instruction
System D/A converter
Sampling frequency instruction 32kHz,44.1kHz,48kHz ±0.1%(automatic switchover)
Digital input Optical: 2line Coaxial: 2line
Analog output XLR(Balanced,1 line): 2.5Vrms RCA(1 line): 2.5Vrms *Both digital volume
Digital output Coaxial(1 line): 0.5Vp-p
Frequency response 32kHz:0 ~15Hz ±0.3dB 44.1kHz:0 ~20kHz ±0.3dB 48kHz:0 ~22kHz ±0.3dB
S/N ratio 110dB or more(1kHz)
Dynamic range 100dB or more(D/A part108dB)
Harmonic distortion ratio 0.0014% or less(1kHz)
wow and flutter Below the measurement limit (crystal unit accuracy)
Channel Separation 110dB or more(0 ~20kHz)
D/A converter 18 bit,4DAC+ZD-IIcircuit
Digital filter 45bit/8xOversampling digital filter + noise shaping
Analog Filter Tertiary Butterworth filter
Power AC100V,50Hz/60Hz
Dimensions W225xH134xD425mm(including footbase)
Weight 11kg