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Bakoon Products SCL CAP-1006 Digital Signal Selector

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Bakoon Products SCL CAP-1006 Digital Signal Selector

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Enjoy high-precision high-resolution digital sound sources

Enjoy the best sound even in a studio!

Baccoon Products has created the CAP Series, a series of high quality music speakers that are perfectly sized to fit in a small space. The CAP series is designed to reproduce all the music information even at low volume in a small room where neighbors are concerned, by utilizing the SATRI circuit technology of Baccoon Products.

The CAP series can receive even 192KHzFs signals with plenty of room to spare.

Digital signals are output to most devices such as CD players, DVD players, TVs, PCs, and mobile players.
The DAC selects those signals and supplies digital signals to the DAC.
There are six inputs: three RCA coaxial inputs and three optical Toslink inputs.
The coaxial inputs use a high-speed pulse transformer and a high-speed line receiver.

The optical tosslink receiver uses a high-speed type with a 30 MHz bandwidth, so it can accept even 192 KHzFs signals with a margin of error.
The outputs are coaxial and optical outputs, with the coaxial using a high-speed line receiver and a high-speed pulse transformer.
The internal logic circuit also uses high-speed logic, so signals with a slow rise time can be converted to high-speed signals by passing through this unit, and signals with little jitter can be converted.

The power supply is 5 V, the same as USB, so a USB power adapter or mobile battery can be used.
The CAP series products have the capability to be used in high-end applications.

Outputs COAXIAL x1, TOS-LINK x1
Dimensions W130 x H30 x D180mm
Weight Approx. 420g
Power source 5V350mA DC
*Bakun Products will gradually change its logo and name to SCL (SATRI Circuit Laboratory). Please note that the logo and name will be changed to SCL (SATRI Circuit Laboratory) in due course.

Dramatic improvement in sound quality with the addition of CAP-1006
A mobile battery was used as the power source to cut off common-mode noise. The sound of the CAP-1005 by itself was powerful and spacious low frequency, with good high frequency grain and natural texture of voices and musical instruments, which is hard to imagine from such a small and lightweight unit. However, when CAP-1006 is added in front of this unit, the sound quality changes drastically as it seems to have a jitter-reducing effect. As if a veil had been lifted, the sound field becomes more transparent, and audible noise is reduced, so that even faint sounds such as breathing are clearly audible and intelligible. Transparency is improved and textures become more natural. The CAP-1006 is not only a digital selector, but also a jitter reducer. When we used the USC-1001 to play back high-resolution sound sources from a NAS, adding the CAP-1006 afterward dramatically improved the energetic, high-resolution sound.
*MJ Magazine
Describes a high-density sound image
This model is characterized by its excellent sound transparency and high-density sound image. In terms of tone, the highs are clear, and the mids and lows are warm and full. Thus, in the jazz trio played back, there is no muddiness in the piano's resonance, and the sound grains are truly beautiful. The reverberations of the piano's sound spread beautifully throughout the church where the recording was made. The drums' percussion sounds vividly, and the bass clarifies the feeling of finger playing and the resonance of the body. The DAC and the analog circuit (low-pass filter) in the latter stage are battery-operated. When I played a piece with a female chorus and strings, I was able to enjoy rich overtones that were closer to DSD than to PCM. Although this unit does not question the genre of music played, the playback of classical music was particularly appealing. The SATRI amplifier module seemed to be effective in this unit as well.
*MJ Magazine
CD Playback: CANTATE DOMINO is church music with organ and chorus. The women's chorus was well separated, and even when the chorus overlapped, there were no bothersome or unnecessary incidental sounds. The pipe organ sounded rich, majestic, and pleasant in the church, and the warm trombone character of the Jazz Jubilation was vividly felt, and even the difference in texture between the two trombones was clearly audible. The bass has both elasticity and tightness, and the piano has a good transient characteristic.
TV Sound (48 kHz): In Saint-Saens Symphony No. 3, each instrument is well separated and sharply audible during the entire orchestral performance, and even the tutti sounds unbroken. Even in the tutti, the sound is not lost. The powerful timpani sounded great. The profound organ sound was also pleasant. In Beethoven's 9th chorus, the voices of the four singers were well separated. In the large chorus, there was no bothersome or unpleasant muddy incidental sound.
BD playback (96kHz, 24bit): In Tchaikovsky Symphony No. 6, Pathetique, conducted by Seiji Ozawa and performed by the Berlin Philharmonic, the silky violin is pleasantly heard. The power of the orchestra's fortissimo is impressive and breathtaking.
The CAP-1006's sound is clear and crisp with good separation of each note and high resolution with no annoying noise. I can confidently recommend this product as a good sounding digital audio selector.
Testing the new DAC, CAP-1005, and digital signal selector, CAP-1006, at Audio Dojo in Nishihara Village. The new DAC was highly evaluated for its combination of power and subtlety, and when used with the CAP-1006, the sound became even clearer and more informative. Again, we confirmed that the amount of information increases when CAP-1006 is used. It seems that CAP-1006 also works as a jitter canceller.