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Bakoon Products SCL CAP-1002 Small Phono equalizer

Product code: cap1002

Bakoon Products SCL CAP-1002 Small Phono equalizer

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For casual enjoyment of vinyl records

I want to enjoy the world of analog discs easily!

Bakun Products has created the CAP series, which produces a high-quality music life in a size that fits just right in small spaces.
The CAP-1002 was developed by Baccoon Products to bring the benefits of analog records to as many people as possible.

The CAP-1002 was developed to easily reproduce the true sound of analog records.
Although it is a non-reduction amplifier, the principle of amplification is that the amplification itself is amplified by the RIAA curve, so problems such as clipping do not occur. If an MC cartridge with a large output current is used, the CAP-1002 can achieve a large signal-to-noise ratio that could not be achieved with conventional equalizer amplifiers, thus reproducing clear, noise-free sound.

In addition to MM cartridges, the CAP-1002 can also be used with MC cartridges with low output voltage by using the current mode of the SATRI circuit, which is synonymous with Bakun Products, to extract the maximum possible information without noise. The CAP-1002 has two selectable equalizer gain levels, allowing the user to switch between high for low output cartridges and low for high output cartridges, for optimum record playback. The CAP-1002 switches the equalizer element itself, so there is no deterioration in the signal-to-noise ratio due to gain switching.

Battery power supply shuts out noise.

A mobile USB charger or mobile battery can be used as the power source. Current consumption is 5V250mA, so a 10AH battery can be used for 40 hours. Using a mobile battery allows CAP-1002 to operate at its best without being affected by noise.
Maximum output power 8V(1% distortion)
Distortion(1KHz) 2V:0.07
S/N ratio -132.5dB(GAIN Low),-133dB(GAIN High)
Frequency Response 20Hz~50KHz
RIAA Error ±0.3dB
Dimensions W130 x H30 x D180mm
Weight 420g
Power source 5V250mA DC
*Bakun Products will gradually change its logo and name to SCL (SATRI Circuit Laboratory). Please note that the logo and name will be changed to SCL (SATRI Circuit Laboratory) in due course.

The design of the CAP-1002 is one of the most intrepid in the series, with an impressive front panel featuring an array of chrome-reflective metal switches and a thin casing that looks as if it has been stripped down to the bare essentials. Yet it is equipped with all the necessary and sufficient functions to enjoy the world of analog records. Like the other CAP series units, it is battery-powered, so you don't have to worry about the noise that is characteristic of turntables. Moreover, since it is USB powered, batteries are now available everywhere. The playback sound is not as smooth and fine-grained as that of the higher-end models, but it is more robust and full-bodied, and as a fan of jazz and vocals, I prefer this model. Even when playing old records from the 1960s, the speakers can deliver beautiful, clear vocals with no annoying noise. The cost performance is also excellent.