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Bakoon Products SCL CAP-1001 Small Power Amplifier

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Bakoon Products SCL CAP-1001 Small Power Amplifier

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Pursuit of the best sound in the near field

Technology of the Year 2019 (Separate Amplifier Category)

Baccoon Products has created the CAP series to produce a high-quality music life in a size that fits just right in small spaces. The maximum output power of the CAP-1001 is set at 6W. This is based on the calculation that in a limited near-field space, where the distance from the speakers is within 1 to 3 meters, the amplifier output power of 1 to 3 watts is sufficient for a typical speaker (efficiency of 80 dB to 90 dB).

Non-Return MOS-FET

The amplifier section consists of a current-mode, non-feedback voltage amplifier circuit and a complementary MOS-FET push-pull output stage that drives the speaker. The amplifier uses a newly developed SATRI circuit with a powerful 150~200mA non-feedback compared to the negative feedback/approximately 50mA of most amplifiers, so while it is actually called a near-field amplifier, it can drive large speakers with ease. It seems to be a very good guitar amp as well, so much so that famous musicians have been accompanying it on their overseas tours.

The gain (volume) can be controlled, so you can connect a CD player or DAC directly to the amp without using a preamplifier to enjoy music. The gain of the amplifier changes with the volume position because of the variable resistor, and the lower the volume, the lower the gain, so you can enjoy high-quality sound with no distortion even at low volume. There are two input systems: RCA jacks on the rear panel and a phone jack on the front panel. The front input can be used to connect a mobile player, smartphone, or other device, so you can connect it to the CAP-1001 as soon as you get home and enjoy high-resolution music to the fullest.

The CAP-1001 also has a headphone jack, so it can be used as a headphone amplifier. When listening to music through headphones, the volume output from the speakers is set to a low level.

The CAP-1001 is a power amplifier and requires 24 VDC, but it can be used outdoors if a 24 VDC battery is used. The CAP-1001 can be used outdoors with the use of a 24V battery, and it will perform at its best without being affected by noise.

Maximum output 6W+6W(1% distortion), 8W+8W(10% distortion)
Distortion(1KHz) 0.01W:0.04%, 0.1W:0.04%, 1W:0.1%
S/N Ratio -111db (unchanged with gain)
Frequency Response 5Hz~50KHz(-3db)
Phase Characteristics 45°(50KHz)
Dimensions W130 x H45 x D180mm
Weight 500g
Power source 24V 1A DC

I am a touring musician who plays in many places. Sometimes I visit places where there is no live equipment such as PA or speakers. I visited the workshop of Bakun Products and discovered the CAP-1001. I was very attracted by the words, "There is no information loss in this amp! I was so fascinated by his words, "There is no information loss in this amplifier," that I connected my own equipment to it and tried it out on the spot. The first note I played, I thought there was no sound. But as I turned up the volume, the guitar sound got louder and louder. The sound was coming out, but it was so natural that I couldn't distinguish it from a live sound! This was my first experience in my life, and it was shocking. What was even more astonishing was that the setup was based on my existing equipment, with only the power amp replaced. In other words, the speakers were not high-class or anything, but small speakers that you can buy second-hand for less than 10,000 yen. I was surprised at how much the sound had changed. Until then, I had an image that replacing the speakers would have a greater effect on the sound than replacing the power amp, but this was completely shattered. I think it is very important to carry information from the upstream without losing it... You can feel the nuances of the acoustic guitar strings, the resonance of the body, the strength and angle of the fingernail hitting the strings, and even the subtle nuances of touch coming through the speakers. I believe that only the player can feel these nuances. The sound that I thought could only be felt by the player is now coming out of the speakers, and it was quite a revolutionary event for me.
*facebook Bakun Products Guitarist Pukichi's Listening Testimonial
The detailed textural description of the orchestra, the elasticity of the low end, and the richness of the tonal gradation are beyond the level of small speakers. The sharp attack of piano and brass instruments, as well as the richness of the vocal parts of the mouth, are vividly brought to life. The sound is well separated and realistic. Headphone output was checked with a Sennheiser HD 600. Even high-impedance headphones can be driven without difficulty, and a memory setting of about 2 is sufficient for sufficient volume. The sound quality is straightforward with good sound separation and three-dimensional descriptive power with no incidental sound. When the preamplifier CAP-1007 was added, the high SN of the battery-driven system became even more pronounced, and the straightforward and highly transparent sound of the non-reduction configuration spread out before one's eyes. The ability to carefully trace the texture of the sound image and the clear view of the sound field are qualities that exceed the price.
*MJ Radio and Experiments