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Bakoon Products CAP Digital Set

Product code: cap1000-1

Bakoon Products CAP Digital Set

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The price will be revised on October 1, 2012. Please take advantage of this opportunity and purchase as soon as possible.

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CAP series for the best digital sound at a set price!

Enjoy the best sound even in one room!

Baccoon Products has created the CAP series, a series that fits perfectly in small spaces and produces a high-quality music life. The CAP series is designed to reproduce all the music information even at low volume in a small room where neighbors are concerned, by utilizing the SATRI circuit technology of Baccoon Products. This CAP series is offered in a set of your choice at a more economical price.

Enjoy a fulfilling digital music life with the combination of DA converter and digital signal selector!

Mobile battery powered and noiseless

Use the included USB cable for DC5V INPUT. A mobile USB charger or mobile battery can be used as the power source. Current consumption is 5V250mA (CAP-1001 power amplifier is 24VDC), so a 10AH battery can be used for 40 hours. Using a mobile battery allows you to enjoy your music at its best without being affected by noise.

Enjoy the best of digital!

CDs are 44.1KHz, DVDs are 48KHz, and frequencies above 88.1KHz are high-resolution digital signals. Some old CDs have an equalizer applied at the time of recording. The CAP-1005 has a function that automatically detects this and corrects the frequency response to normal. When connected to a PC or other device via USB, the USC-1001 USB/SPDIF converter, which converts USB digital audio signals to linear PCM SPDIF signals, can be used to enjoy high-resolution music of high quality. You can enjoy high quality high-resolution music.

*Please note that it may take longer than the scheduled shipping date depending on the availability of the product.