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  • Yamamoto Sound Craft CA-04 Line level Tube Preamp
  • Yamamoto Sound Craft CA-04 Line level Tube Preamp
  • Yamamoto Sound Craft CA-04 Line level Tube Preamp
  • Yamamoto Sound Craft CA-04 Line level Tube Preamp

Yamamoto Sound Craft
CA-04 Line level Tube Preamp

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Power-supply voltage

Line level tube preamplifier

6AK5W Single type non feedback amplifier

CA-04 is based on several award-winning CA-03/CA-03L, it is high-performance tube-type preamplifier dedicated to line level section that has been made independent and refined further details.Not to inherit old type circuits and sounds,pull out the hidden charm of the vacuum tube, it is designed to draw out sounds with a lot of information volume that can be applied to modern era.

Good sound for DALE maderesistance, the condenser is a polypyrene film capacitor with less distortion in the main part
Most of the resistance of CA - 04 is adopted by US DALE company.Its sound quality is far superior to that of the domestic same class.The reliability is also several tiers higher than for general use.In addition, it mainly uses US made polypropylene condenser.Compared to ordinary chemical condensers, this polypropylene condenser, it has excellent responsiveness to the pulsed signal and the distortion rate of the capacitor itself is also very excellent.
Since the difference in sound quality with this capacitor greatly affects not only the signal circuit but also the power supply circuit,it is improving sound quality by adopting a polypropylene type capacitor for many parts including the power supply circuit.In addition, the capacitor of the part which greatly affects the sound quality is filled with high-strength epoxy resin in the ebony case and then its sound quality is improved.

Contributing to vibration isolation by adopting a brass sub-chassis that prevents the influence of vibration
Vacuum tube undergoes influence of vibration due to its structure.6 AK 5 W is a vacuum tube incorporating anti-vibration structure, but the influence on the sound of vibration still remains.

CA-04 has a sub brass chassis under the board,By joining the board and the sub chassis at necessary points, vibration is prevented and it helps to improve the sound quality. Also, in its chassis structure,The chassis structure that is strong and vibration resistant is made with the solid cherry wooden side panel and the frame structure by the stainless steel bracket.

Beautiful form with cherry wood front panel and side wood
The front panel and side panel of CA-04 adopt wood panel made of solid domestic cherry wood material.A beautiful form was realized by adopting 2 mm thick beautiful aluminum chassis for the other members.This design is in common with the A-08/A-09 power amplifier, so that they are considered as a pair to match both design and sound quality.

Chrome copper terminal, original pin jack, socket with Teflon high reliability type
The input terminal is highend pin jack that is adopted chrome copper shaving terminal on outer conductor and round pin terminal with adjacent copper cutting for inner pin, Teflon as insulation material. This pin jack is connected from the GND side when connecting,when unplugging it is structured to leave from the hot side, those are also advantageous in terms of safety.
Vacuum tube socket is highly evaluated original Non-resonant type Teflon socket. Since Yamamoto amplifier is structured to prevent vibration from the socket part, its effect also appears greatly in the sound.

High-quality wire for power cable and hospital grade gold-plated terminal for plug
High quality cable with 3p inlet terminal for power cable andNational's hospital grade plug withthe original gold-plated pin.Since 3p inlet jack is adopted on the main body side, it is also possible to exchange it with power cable of your choice.
Vacuum tube TTelefunken6AK5W x2
Maximum output 8V
Frequency characteristic 10-150kHz/-0.5dB
Input impedance 50kΩ
Output impedance 1.6kΩ
Line amplifier gain 16dB(About 6 times)
Residual noise 0.07mV
Dimensions 420(W)290(D)94(H)mm
Weight 6.3kg

Yamamoto Sound Craft CA-04 Line level Tube Preamp

Regular price ¥239,800 円
Regular price ¥239,800 円 Sale price ¥239,800 円
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