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Yamamoto Sound Craft
BT-2 Brass screw set

Product code: BT-2

Yamamoto Sound Craft BT-2 Brass screw set

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Improve the sound you are used to hearing by one rank!

All brass material with non-magnetic undercoating and 24k gold plating


The BT-2 is a set of brass bolts and nuts for use with aluminum screws, which are generally used due to their low strength and many disadvantages in terms of sound quality. The set includes two bolts of each of seven different lengths and ten nuts of 4 mm on each side. These longer screws can be used to make the separately releasedWA-1which is sold separately, to adjust the weight of the headshell and cartridge included. For fine adjustment, adjusting the number of nuts and length of bolts makes it possible to unify the weight of the headshell section and makes it easier to use. The nuts included with the BT-2 are small (4 mm on the opposite side) and can be used easily in the grooves of the cartridge body. The weight of each component is shown below for reference when adjusting the weight.

Type Bolt and nut for cartridge mounting
Set Contents M2.6 bolt length 6, 8, 12, 15, 18, 20, 25mm each 10 M2.6 nuts with 4mm opposite sides
Material Brass, non-magnetic base treatment, 24k gold plating