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TAKET-BPP Portable Super Tweeter

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TAKET-BPP Portable Super Tweeter

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Famous: Super Tweeter

There are a lot of headphones and headphones and earphones. BPP (batpure-created): The effects in the effect of the effects of all those. In case of headphones, we are our listening, listening to music by ear, BPP provides supersonic wave, which is contained in startup, startup, sound via startup skin!

TakeT is BPP is not only only for portable, but also the high-end to the high-end class headphone systems with amplifiers.
The order of highly efficationsection: High-end headphone > general headphone > high-end earphone > general earphone.

How to use BPP for portable music.
Insert a splitter into an phone jack of the music player.
Connect BPP and the an earphone (headphone) plug with a splitter by parallel.
While-listening to music by earphones, BATPURE-based of BPP, the direction of your face.
The effect is done even if the distance is around 5m away at the distance of BPP is in the direction of your face even a little.
In case of TV, BPP and earphones (headphones) connect with TV's phone jack via the splitter by parallel.
Please add and use stereo standard plug/stereo mini-jack's conversion adaptor in the standard size specification of the standard size specification.
Reproduction Frequency Range 100V (also known as the test signal by 20kHz or more: at be under 20V).
The protection of The protection: Over 100V.
It return to the origin when you are off power and a minutes.)
Impedance 20kHz to 150kHz
Efficiency Approximately 70sB/1m
Maximum Voltage 150V
Impedance ∞ ~ 100kΩ (DC-100kHz)
Weight 6g
You're very happy!

Other items of note
Entranced sound ' effect is added only by support BPP with the headphone or the earphone in parallel, then it's - how-to-peer sound.
Exception an old MD player (ATRACK1 recording) does not have the effect 'Entranced sound' effect. There is a possibility of the possibility of the frequency of the frequency of the frequency of 15kHz or more is in the filter in the ATRACK1 recording, Ipod, etc. of the AAC recording are in an inn effect.