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TAKET BATPURE Tiny Super Tweeter set

Product code: batpure

TAKET BATPURE Tiny Super Tweeter set

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Famous the best: Super Tweeter

Easy to install, parallel connect with existing speaker terminal.
Quite fast, three dimensionally, spacious soundstage stage and with a good depth, overall it, it's lively.

Three way speaker system which is good sound. The vagueness of sound, if BATPURE was added there, and also the depth of sound field is called.
TV built-in. BATPURE is connected with TV. The connector of the connector of BATPURE and the speaker terminal. The clip substitutes with the switch in the photo. For the Experiment. Inside the TV: The Best If BATPURE is

In the Super-Tweeeter, TAKET cuts the frequency response under 20 kHz as much as possible. First of all, frequency response under 20 kHz is the pitch and the depth of the state of the film. This is possible because of the Heil-like structure. In addition a low frequency region is cut by a base of the sat-knit. The SPL under 20 kHz of the main speaker system is not changed, even if the TAKET Super-tweeter is added. It's an ideal super-tweeter that is only to the sound over 20kHz.
TAKET super tweeter has been set to the sound that we cut the sound of under under under 20 kHz. As-as-as-possible to design super tweeter.
So, it is very relevant to listening the sound from TakeT super tweeter, if it is connected to main speaker. It is the big difference from other super tweeters.
Maximum rate 150V
Impedance Infinity ~ 4Kohms (DC-100kH)
Frequency response range 20kHz to 150kHz
Efficiency 70dB/1m
Dimensions 30x23x3.8mm
Weight 1g
Taket Batpure! Good product!
In no more, it is better than the picture!
Good sounding supertweeter, man!
Tiny devices but they do make a difference.
A fabulous piece of piece of hifi!
What's more they work! Brilliant, with your bass!
Petit objet magique! Effet innespéré. Recommandé
Tiny supertweeters: that make it a big and it's a big. 100 % recomended