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Bakoon Products ATT-03 Resistive Ratio Digital Attenuator

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Bakoon Products ATT-03 Resistive Ratio Digital Attenuator

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High Precision Resistive Attenuator

Volume adjustment in 0.5db steps, 66 steps


This is a stand-alone model of the digital attenuator used in Bakoon Products' high-end amplifiers.
By using CPU control of 10 relays and 10 different resistors, it allows finer volume control than conventional attenuators (0.5db increments, 66 steps).

The resistors used are chip resistors without lead wires, allowing highly accurate gain control without coloration. In addition, by connecting an optional LED display, the attenuation can be checked numerically.

The ATT-03 is a variable resistance ratio attenuator that can be attached to amplifiers not manufactured by the company.
Special modification knowledge is required for installation.
Please contact us for installation on Bakoon amplifiers.
BakoonPlease note that you are responsible for the installation of this product on other amplifiers than Bakoon amplifiers.