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Terminator element 3A / 2piece set

Product code: Aug012-3a-1

Aug-Line Terminator element 3A / 2piece set

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Overall purity is increased, bringing out the finest quality.

A revolutionary item that combines noise-absorbing elements and fine ceramics

This is a noise absorption/elimination module that abundantly uses "aug alloy," a triple blend of gold, silver, and platinum, in its conductors.
The inside is made of special materials and fine ceramics that have noise absorption effects.
The module is used by inserting it into the speaker cable or power cable you are currently using.
The result is an increase in background transparency and a more energetic overall musical experience.

The latest noise-absorbing elements and fine ceramics are fused together, and are expected to be effective in all AC parts of audio, both AC and signal.

1. For use with speakers

The simplest way to use the Terminator is to connect the Terminator element in series with the output side of your current speaker cable.

For general speakers, using four Terminators (15A) will give a very large effect.

In particular, the speed and resolution of the low-frequency range are greatly improved, and the speakers no longer sound sluggish or dull.

Terminator (3A) is sufficient for small full range and high frequency side of bi-wire.

If you use Terminator (3A) on the low-frequency side of a large speaker system, it will have a positive effect, but the sound quality tends to be a little lighter.

Ideally, it should be used in front of each unit, i.e., after passing through the network, for an unbelievable effect.

In this case, it is recommended to use (15A) for the low frequency range and (3A) for the mid and high frequency range.

Also, one point that we discovered during various experiments is that in some cases, when used at the exit of the parallel resistor (R2 resistor) of the mid-range and high-range attenuation resistors, the sound field was almost doubled at one time.

2. Usage in signal systems

For use in signal systems, simply insert the resistor in series in the circuit.

You will be amazed at the effect you can get by using Terminator for the hot/cold of your current signal cables.

In balanced circuits, it is also good to use it in balanced signal circuits.

The ground wire of the balanced circuit is not necessary.

All elements used should be fine with terminators (3A).

If you are building your own machine or can repair it, etc., you can connect it in series between the connector of the equipment and the circuit for a great effect.

We have confirmed that all of the digital signals are also very effective.

3. How to use in the power supply system

For use in power supply systems, simply use in series in a circuit, but be careful to observe the allowable current for the power supply.

Terminator (15A) is 220V15A and Terminator (3A) is 220V3A.

Use of the power supply at higher currents may cause overheating or fire.

The primary or secondary side of the power supply is the most effective place to use it, and a simple way to use it is in a power strip.

For an unusual use, after rectifying with a diode, use between the rectifying capacitor and the diode will show an amazing effect.

During my experiments, I discovered that having a transformer with good sound and a diode with good sound means that transformer noise and diode noise are being generated.

It is recommended that you ask a qualified person to take care of the power supply system, as it is very dangerous if an inexperienced person does not have the necessary skills.

As is common with the Terminator series, the purity of the sound is improved by eliminating the noise generated by AC current and the high-frequency noise generated in the circuitry. Stringed instruments and vocals are now expressed more realistically.
The jumper cables were made by Mr. Muto of Aug-Line by processing Terminator (^^)/ Aug-Line's Terminator is a magical item that increases S/N, resolution, and the number of notes, but makes the sound smooth. I have already installed it in my SP cable and power supply box. This time, too, the S/N was very high from the beginning of the connection, and the resolution & the number of notes increased. The sound has also become smoother in a few hours, but it was noticeable that the mid-high range became better and the low range was not (^_^;)