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Short pin

Product code: Aug012

Aug-Line Short pin

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Significantly improves sound removal and localization.

Bring out the performance of the amplifier at an affordable price

The "Augurine Short Pin" is a high-performance short pin made of "Augurine", an alloy of gold and silver, exclusively for use with pre-main amplifiers of various companies.
A pipe-shaped object with a large grounding area is used for the connection terminal, and the surface area of the inner and outer surfaces is used to enhance the skin effect, resulting in amazingly high sound quality.
This product is suitable for pre-main amplifier with RCA terminals for pre-output and power input, and the distance between terminals is 14mm at the center-center. If your product has a separate switch between pre-power and power, please use the switch on the separate side.

The L-550A's pre (control) and main (power) sections are not connected inside the unit, but rather to a pin connector on the outside, which has a short pin attached from the start. By replacing these pins, you can enjoy the change in sound quality.
I immediately replaced the short pin with the supplied one. And! It is hard to believe that the sound is from the same amp.

Both the sound loss and the sense of localization improved dramatically. It was as if a fog had been lifted. It is as if the sound of the performer is floating in front of my eyes. I feel that the amp has been upgraded by about two ranks. I was surprised that the amp had this much power to begin with.
*Magnet's Whimsical Diary