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Yamamoto Sound Craft
AT-03-1A Passive Attenuator

Product code: AT-03-1A

Yamamoto Sound Craft AT-03-1A Passive Attenuator

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Tenderness, mellow and cozy

Correspond both latest digital devices and conventional analog devices

Passive attenuators generally provide fresh sounds cause of minimum circuit for sound signals. AT-03-1A is quiet simple construction, even selector is not existed.
The different between preamplifier and passive attenuator is, passive attenuator does not have amplified microelectronics devices(transistors, vacuum tubes) with power supply like pre-amplifier or control amplifier.
Passive attenuator is consisted with only volume control mechanism and passive microelectronics devices.
The character of passive attenuator is much informations especially treble range, excellent clarity, vivid sound because of simple construction.

AT-03-1A is equipped L type volume control mechanism for attenuator, has 28 point resistance. L pad type attenuator equips only two resistors, therefore not only minimizing sound quality reduction or loss, but also almost nothing happen noise problem. Each switch point is able to fine adjust every 2dB steps from 0dB to -38dB. Also minimum sound level can be squeezed until -68dB, it is possible to correspond for any level adjustment. L/R level deviation is managed less than 0.2dB.

AT-03-1A impedance is 50kOhms, is able to connect with any type of audio instruments. Rotary switch adopts reliable and superior SEIDEN Co. 45SD type. Volume control adopts DALE large capacity 1W type surface-mount type resistor(chip resistor). Internal wirings use 1.2 mm diameter pure 6N copper single wire with teflon tube.

AT-03-3A and AT-03-1A have large amount of informations. The sound character is commonness Yamamoto Sound products, soft and warm, center of gravity settle in middle range and gentle tonality. Piano sound is smoothly echo, feeling the warmth of the wooden timbre. Also violin or other classic guitar sounds are imagined its warm wooden feel timbre. Timpani or base are ideal bounce and stretch, not also too much bass impact but airy timbre. AT-03-3A and AT-03-1A is fine detail, tenderness, mellow and quiet cozy tonality.
Form 28 step volume control attenuator
Impedance 50kohms
Input 1line
Output 1line
Dimensions 200(W) 270(D) 97(H)mm
Weight 2.2kg