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interconnected RCA cable

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Aug-Line interconnected RCA cable

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Clear, fresh, and resilient

Gold and silver alloy made high performance interconnect cable

Aug-Line RCA is high performance interconnect cable that is made with gold and silver blended alloy "Aug-Line".
Famous high end Japanese-Italian brand “Yamamura Crawly Limited”/Be Yamamura uses Aug-line cables and noise eliminators as OEM in their amplifiers, devices and speakers for supporting Yamamura sounds.

The insulation material is the most excellent characteristic Teflon PTFE. The external jacket adopts Teflon PTFE too.
Twisted pair non shield structure, is outstanding dynamic range and extremely wide band compare to ordinary COAXIAL cable.
Twisted pair structure offset each other for noise, it keep enough S/N ratio even non shield.
The RCA plug adopts Wire world silver alloy products.

The impression of Aug-Line interconnected cable is refreshing as a whole, there is a resilient tightness, clear and fresh. It may have a prejudice of precious metal alloy, but it is a cable with a totally plain feel.


Great cable.....soft and strong goooooood.
Great cable.....soft and strong goooooood.