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Augline Isis Junior speaker cable pair

Product code: AGisisjr-1

Augline Isis Junior speaker cable pair

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Wide range and neatness of sound grain

Speaker cable made of high-purity precious metal alloy with ideal balance


A strategic model that uses about half the conductor of the high-end "Isis" cable, but at less than 1/3 the price.

This is a cable that allows you to experience the performance of the high-end speaker cable "Orgline Isis" at an affordable price. Half the precious metals of the "Isis" conductor are used, and shielding is simplified. The connection terminals use extra-thick Y-lugs made of aug alloy. There are four cables, one for + and -, and one for left and right.
These speaker cables are made by using an ideal balance of "Augline", an alloy of gold and silver, and "Augline + Pt", a triple blend of advanced materials high purity platinum gold and silver.

PTFE, which has the most excellent properties among Teflon, is used for the insulation material, which has a great influence on sound quality, and foamed Teflon is used for the secondary jacket.
The secondary jacket is made of foamed Teflon.

The sound is wide-range and the grain is crisp and clean. Although still brand-new, the ridiculously smooth music delivery was reminiscent of the great Isis. The bass is a bit tight, but I am sure that it will gain more and more volume as it ages. Although the name is "Junior," I felt that it would be appropriate to give this Isis a different name from the current Isis. For fans of classical music and female vocals, "Junior" could be the definitive one. In additionIsis Joint.The upgrade from the Isis effect is significant. The upgrade by this Isis effect was great, and I could hear a more delicate and powerful Hear Comes the Sun.
*audio accessory
This is a strategic model that uses about half of the conductors of Isis, but at less than 1/3 of the price. Incidentally, there is one cable for + and -, so there are 4 cables for left and right! I thought I received two sets of cables at first. At first I thought I had received two sets of cables (^^;). Compared to my current Stereovox Lsp-600 (1.5m/¥700,000 (excl. tax)), the resolution and range of the ISIS Junior are not inferior. Spatial expression is also OK, as one would expect from Mr. Muto's recommendation. This is good! The S/N ratio is also slightly lower than that of the Lsp-600. The S/N ratio is also slightly lower than that of the Lsp-600, but this becomes less of an issue when the volume is turned up.
I thought this might be a problem because there are power cables crawling around behind the equipment, so I twisted the left and right cables together lightly as a noise countermeasure. The S/N seemed to have improved, but the sound was not as good as it should have been. In other parts, there are many parts that exceed Lsp-600....
When I told this to Mr. Mutoh, he said that Junior was made simple (equivalent to normal Horus), including shielding, in order to keep the price down. Therefore, he said, "If you compare the sound when it disappears, you may be able to hear the difference. The full Isis was originally NEO-ized, and Junior can also be NEO-ized (equivalent to full Isis and Horus NEO)! Would you like to ask them? I was whispered by the devil, so I asked him after all.
*Audio father
The sound coming forward is just as I wanted, and compared to the existing AET SIN, the sound is much better. It is a success first of all. However, when I compared it with the full ISIS, there were some things that bothered me, such as the high frequency range of the hi-hat of the drum and the edge of the sound was a little bit sweet. So I connected an ISIS Joint and an ISIS Jumper at both ends...
Oh~, the dissatisfaction I felt earlier is much improved. As expected, it doesn't reach full ISIS, but I felt like I was a step or two closer. I have a feeling that it will take another step up as more time passes and I get more comfortable with the system. I enjoyed listening to a variety of CDs during the day yesterday, but when I listened to an analog disc at night, it was the best sounding one yet, giving me goosebumps. I was tempted to try to push the ADP more.
*Audio eyeball dad