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Solid Oregain
"Pipe Shield" RCA Cable Pair

Product code: AG-pipe-rca-RCA-1

Solid Oregain "Pipe Shield" RCA Cable Pair

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Amazing quietness and dynamic range

Astonishing SN ratio, amazing quietness and dynamic range

Solid Aigin "Pipe Shield" RCA with gold and silver alloy "Aigin" and the world's first high purity platinum, gold, silver-blended advanced material "Aigin + PT" with the optimal balance It is a cable.

Insulation that has a major impact on the sound quality uses PTFE with the best characteristics among Teflons, and also uses PTFE Teflon as well as external jackets.

A pipe shield structure was used to use analog alloys for shield pipes. It has an amazing quietness and dynamic range compared to normal knitting shields and foil shields, and secures a amazing SN ratio.

The "pipe shield" structure was said to be an ideal shield than before, but there was a problem such as the normal conductor and there was a problem such as breaking up repeatedly if it was broken immediately, and almost not practicalized. . The flexibility of gold and silver alloys "Aug alloy" has been put to practical use.

Adopt pipe shield 3 core coaxial structure. The pipe shield connects to the GND line and connects to the GND line and connects to the GND line through the capacitor to prevent the shield from becoming an antenna. In addition, by adopting a drain line in the shield, a slight noise generated in the shield is also absorbed and discharged.
The RCA plug uses Wire World's new product using the same silver alloy as a wire.

The shielding effect improvement of the SN ratio is a deep quiet background, high-dimensionally balanced mid-high-dimensional, and the low range is thick, and the power and quantity are well balanced on perfect.