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Yamamoto Sound Craft AD1420 Throat Conversion Adapter 1 piece

Product code: ad1420

Yamamoto Sound Craft AD1420 Throat Conversion Adapter 1 piece

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For Altec 288 series drivers

Demonstrate excellent musicality

The AD1420 converts a 35mm diameter throat to a 50mm diameter throat for Altec 288 series drivers. After conversion, it becomes the standard 2-inch throat size for professional use. It can be connected to Yamamoto Acoustic Craft's SS-300 horn, F280A, etc. It is machined from a round aluminum rod and plated with black anodized aluminum for superior durability. When connected to old driver units, wood horns, and other modern horns of superior performance and sound quality, you may find excellent musicality that could not be demonstrated with the original horns.
Specifications ALTEC 288 series
Dimensions 118mm diameter, 60mm length