We have started to deal in Fidelix/ Fidelix.

We are pleased to announce that we have started handling Fidelix products.

Fidelix is a brand established by Mr. Nakagawa, an independent engineer who worked in Sony's audio design department and the design department of Stacks, a famous ear speaker company. (An audio manufacturer in Kiyose, Tokyo)

Fidelix CAPRICE DAC/Preamp

Mr. Nakagawa is an engineer by birth and possesses a high level of technology and creativity that changes the concept of audio, and the products he produces are unique and original.

He has been developing his own original products that have been difficult to reach after becoming independent from his company.
Many of our products are made from the viewpoint of engineers and our passion for audio. In addition, our products are affordable based on the philosophy that we want everyone to be able to use them.

Fidelix LEGGIERO MC/MM Phono equalizer

We hope you will take this opportunity to consider our products.

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