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Yamamoto Sound Craft
6N copper wire Teflon tube shell lead YR-02

Product code: yr02

Yamamoto Sound Craft 6N copper wire Teflon tube shell lead YR-02

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Bouncy playing feel

6N high-purity copper wire and high-insulation Teflon tube for high sound quality

Shell Lead YR-02 is a high-quality lead wire for headshells using high-purity 6N conductor for the lead wire. Ten 0.26mm diameter wires of high-purity copper with a purity of 99.9999% or higher are used for the wire material, making a total of 0.5 skeins of ultra-thick wire. The insulation material is Teflon, the most superior electrical speciality, in tube form. Since these wires are quite thick and hard, they are formed into a U-shape from the beginning for easy installation.
The terminals of the YR-02 are machined from phosphor bronze round rods with excellent springiness.

The lead wires are quite hard, so it is recommended that the molding be done in advance before installation. The terminals are also hard, so you have to be a little careful when installing them, but they will improve the freshness and purity of the sound.
Thick and crisp reproduction. The sound is well balanced between these difficulties. The bright and cheerful sound, as if made by a Latin manufacturer, is impressive. Strings and vocals come out energetically.
Review by *analog magazine
The highs come through beautifully, the mids are warm and thick, and the bass is powerful. The sound was that of a high quality 6N copper wire, and in my opinion, it was a frank, royal analog sound. I am convinced that analog fans are looking for a depth of sound that is difficult to reproduce digitally. It could be said that this is the American sound produced by a huge amplifier with a lot of power invested in it. Adding silver material to obtain a finely detailed expressiveness is a good method, but I wanted to cherish this big, poised sound first of all.
*Ausio Accessory