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Yamamoto Sound Craft Straight Type Wood Horn SS-300 1 piece

Product code: yo-ss300

Yamamoto Sound Craft Straight Type Wood Horn SS-300 1 piece

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This is a made-to-order product. The estimated delivery time is about 1 month depending on the order status.

Straight type horn with the most natural spread

2-inch straight type horn with the most natural spread

SS-300 is a horn that retains the advantages of a circular straight horn while providing the breadth, sound field, and ease of use of a square radial horn.
The SS-300 is made of laminated Asada cherry wood, which has a good sound resonance, and is manufactured as a block of laminated wood as thick as 140mm, which is then cut into a three-dimensional curved surface to make the horn.

Sufficient frequency response down to low frequencies near the cutoff

The crossover frequency of the SS-300 allows a crossover at a low frequency of 500 Hz against a cutoff of 300 Hz.

Directivity is 70 degrees horizontally and 30 degrees vertically, a very natural spreading shape and design. The cast metal throat adapter has a setting base on both sides of the horn when in use, and is supported at three points, limiting the contact surfaces to three points, and concentrating the weight of the driver and horn at those points, thereby suppressing vibration and greatly reducing interference and turbulence in the mid and low frequencies.

It is compatible with both Artic and JBL mounting screws.
Both SS-300s can be built into the enclosure. Embedded nuts can be incorporated for easy integration into the enclosure.
*The embedded nut is optional.

Model Special Straight Horn
Horn cutoff frequency 300Hz
Recommended crossover 500Hz
Directionality 70° horizontal, 30° vertical
Throat diameter 4.9cm (JBL/TAD type 2 inches)
Compatible unit TAD4001,JBL2441,2450, AD1420(ALTEC288-16k) etc.
Horn Material Asada cherry laminated wood, longitudinal use
Dimensions 620(W)×280(H)×430(D)mm
Weight 18kg
Material of throat section Cast gunmetal, black zinc plating
*Designs, specifications, standards, etc. are subject to change without notice for improvement.
*It is made-to-order. It takes 2-4 months for delivery.