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Yamamoto Sound Craft
YDA-01 D/A converter

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Yamamoto Sound Craft YDA-01 D/A converter

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Power-supply voltage
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Accurate reproducibility, lively sound

To solve thehardnesssound of CD player


Simple circuit and elaborate power supply circuit, DAC device is L/R independent configuration
The output side of the DA converter IC is the current output. The PCM1794A is also the current output of the operating circuit. By the conclusion that the circuit is simple, the smaller the number of elements to pass, the better the sound quality, the adopted circuit was a base grounded with one transistor, non feedback single type output circuit. It is a very simple configuration thatthe current output is converted into voltage with only one transistor and one resistor, then it serves as an output circuit as it is. With this circuit, the sound quality became very natural, it became a sound full of vibrancy with high freshness.

Using the PCM1794A as a DA converter IC in monaural mode realizes the best performance
By using high performance PCM 1794 A in mono mode for each L / R channel for DA converter IC, it is gettingmore energetic sound with powerful and para connection with no interference between channels.

Supplying from individual regulator circuit eliminates interference with circuit by power supply
The power transformer adopts a large capacity toroidal transformer, the windings for analog and digital are made independent,suppressing each other's interference.In the transformer, the digital part, the analog part, for the output circuit are made independent from each other. It is an elaborate power supply circuit supplied from individual regulator. The wiring material has extremely high reliability, Teflon insulation with excellent sound quality, silver plated copper wire is adopted.

Digital input terminal Coaxial 1 line(RCA)
Analog input terminal Coaxial 1 line(RCA)
Output level 3.1V/0dB
Corresponding frequency 32~192kHz(Automatic tracking)
Sampling filter 8 times oversampling digital filter
Frequency characteristic 20~20kHz(±1dB)
Signal/Noise ratio 86dB (IHF-A waght)
Output impedance 2.6kohms
Dimensions 420(W)290(D)94(H)mm
Weight 5.2kg
I want to pay attention that simple circuit configuration of one transistor, careful design to operate in mono mode of each L / R, a large capacity toroidal transformer is mounted on the power supply, divided windings into digital / analog / output, elaborate power supply circuit that supplies IC power supply from individual regulator.
As mentioned above, YDA-01 which aimed at simplification and power supply enhancement, it has a fresh and vibrant tone, and its rich sound is clear. The range is sufficiently wide, and energy is a uniform and smooth response in any band. The texture and reverberation of the boy soprano are delicately delineated, that point is probably a sound quality feature. However, it has not only delicate but also powerful strength, in jazz, the wood base and drums are ringing with a solid response. But even in such a case never gets rough, it seems that the essence of this machine is still making a quiet atmosphere based on fine resolution. So it can be said that the nuance of the guitar sounds outstandingly and precisely. The tone color of the string is neutral, there is no exaggeration, it captures calm but subtle changes in tone color without difficulty.
And also ricn in reverberation. There is no sound bleeding by it. In the orchestra, string instruments was soft hitting and moist sound, I felt restless with well-formed. Regardless of its sauce, it was unfairly demonstrating the goodness of sharpness and vibrant color. Or even Fajir Rhino's piano, it responded crisply to fast moving touches, and each sound was very clear. It was obvious that the real feeling of the sound image and the spaceiness on the stage were enhancing the real feel. The beauty of the chorus and the thickness of the sound, while rich in fleshy texture, there was a tightened presence of focus without blurring.. Accurate reproducibility was well manifest.