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Yamamoto Sound Craft
Boxwood wooden Headshell HS-3

Product code: y020

Yamamoto Sound Craft Boxwood wooden Headshell HS-3

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Deep and clear sound

Boxwood headshells for clear, muddy sound


HS-3 is a new type of headshell made of boxwood, a rare and excellent material. Boxwood is a very high quality wood that was used for combs and seals in ancient times. The specific gravity is about 0.75, a little heavier than cherry wood, but the grain of the wood is very fine and uniform, and its grain is so fine that it cannot be seen by the naked eye. The wood is so strong and resilient that it is also used to make the plectrums of shamisen (a three-stringed Japanese banjo). The finished weight is as light as 8.2g. In general, the lighter the weight of a tone arm including the cartridge and headshell, the higher the sensitivity of the operation.
If you have difficulty in balancing the weight, you can use the company's weight adjusting washersWA-1for easier weight balance adjustment.
The slightly yellowish appearance has a unique dignity. The finger rest is made of gold-plated brass. Since the wood itself does not emit inherent resonance sound, there is almost no squeaking of the finger rest, which is a problem with metal shells.
Material Body: boxwood (clear eco-friendly paint finish) Finger rest: Brass (non-magnetic gold-plated finish)
Dimensions 18(W)x50(L)x18(H)
Weight 8.2g
Shell lead Standard type
Accessories Standard 4-color shell lead included 3 types of gold-plated brass mounting screws included
Deep, clear sound from boxwood. Sharp and uncluttered. The female vocals are also noteworthy.
The sound is dense and clear. The sound is crisp and clear without a sense of muddiness. The solo piano or violin, or music with small live instrumentation is the only way to get into this music.
*Analog Magazine Review