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Yamamoto Sound Craft
V groove support setting base set

Product code: VB-18

Yamamoto Sound Craft V groove support setting base set

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This product is sold in sets of two. Two sets are required when used for a pair of speakers.

Enhances the reproduced sound and increases its power.

Large setting base made of fine wood processed with high precision

VB-25/VB-18 is a setting base with a completely new structure. It can be used for various products such as amplifiers, CD players, speakers, etc. to obtain a great vibration control effect.
Both VB-25/VB-18 are made of ebony and consist of two parts, upper and lower. The lower part is a square pillar type with a V-shaped groove cut in it.

The upper part is a triangular pillar type and is used downward so that the apex of the triangle touches the groove of the lower part. When a speaker is placed on the floor, both the surface in contact with the speaker and the surface in contact with the floor will be flat. The contact area will be linear and will take the weight of the speaker, making it less likely to vibrate. Compared to a standard pinpoint base, this base is more stable, vibration is moderately suppressed, and installation is easier. The effect is an improvement in the direction of fuller and more powerful sound reproduction.

The ebony wood used is a type of ebony from Southeast Asia called striped ebony, which has a specific gravity of approximately 1.1 and is characterized by its hardness, making it highly effective in suppressing vibration. It is actually used for the necks of high-end guitars, so its acoustic characteristics are well-known.
This product is sold in sets of two, so one set is used for amplifiers and CD players, and two sets are used for speaker systems. The VB-25 is 25 cm long but has excellent stability, so it can be used for large and heavy amplifiers with a depth of about 40 cm. The standard direction for setting the base is front-to-back, but it can also be used in the left-to-right direction. Please try it out and use whichever gives the best results.
Compared to pinpoint bases, the VB-25 and VB-18 have a higher load capacity because the load applied to the support portion is reduced, with the VB-25 weighing 60 kg and the VB-18 weighing 40 kg.

Applicable products: speaker systems, amplifiers, digital recorders, CD players, analog players, etc.
Specification Material Southeast Asian striped ebony
Outer dimensions VB-25: 35(W)x33(H)x250(D) VB-18: 25(W)x27(H)x180(D)

Load capacity

VB-25: 60kg VB-18: 40kg
Weight VB-25: 320g VB-18: 120g
*This product is sold in sets of two. Two sets are required for speakers. Please note that two sets of this product are required for use with speakers.
Although they are said to be suitable for large SPs, this time I put them under a small 2-way speaker and listened to the sound. Replacing the reference metal insulator with this one added a rich flavor to the sound, transforming it into an easy listening experience with no loss of resolution, sharpness, or power. There is no resonance as with metal, but there is also no lack of support for the legs and feet as with softer materials. This is an expression of hardwood. For the price, this is an unbelievably high quality insulator.
*audio accessories magazine
This is an unusual stick-shaped insulator, with a triangular post placed on a V-shaped cutout to act as a spike-like support. The material is Asian striped ebony, and when the two pieces of wood are struck against each other, the sound is very tight, like a clapperboard. It is a good material that is very hard and has a beautiful resonance. The precision is extremely high and there is no rattling at all. There are two types of VB-25 (25 cm wide) and VB-18 (18 cm wide), making it easy to use for various types of equipment. First, listen to the VB-18 by placing it on a small speaker. Compared to the metal insulators I had been using up to that point, the sound field was fuller and warmer, and the amount of information was somewhat greater. The sound image was as if the blood of the performer had improved. 25 was placed under the amplifier. Although the low frequency range seems to be a little clearer, the expression of speed and texture is greatly improved. It is an easy-to-use insulator.
**audio accessories magazine