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Bakoon Products USC-1001 USB/SPDIF Converter

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Bakoon Products USC-1001 USB/SPDIF Converter

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Enjoy high-precision high-resolution digital sound sources

192KHzFs / 24bit sampling data supported

The USC-1001 is a USB/SPDIF digital signal converter that can be inserted between a PC's USB output and a DAC. This unit has a function to convert USB digital audio signals output from a PC to linear PCM SPDIF signals.

The USC-1001 operates without drivers when used with Windows 10 and iOS, and the USB input operates in asynchronous mode so that jitter from the PC output does not affect the SPDIF output. Outputs include coaxial, optical, and AES/EBU balanced outputs for professional digital audio signal transmission standards. The coaxial and AES/EBU outputs use dedicated line transmitters and ultra-high-speed pulse transformers, and a high-speed module with a 30 MHz bandwidth is used for the optical output toslink.

The USC-1001 outputs a digital signal with a very fast rise and fall, resulting in a signal with less jitter than the input signal, The USC-1001 output has almost no ringing and a short rise time, resulting in less jitter and improved sound quality.

The USC-1001's coaxial, optical, and AES/EBU outputs can be used simultaneously. The company's productsCAP-1006 Digital Signal Selectorcan be used to further reduce the rise and fall times and thus further reduce jitter.

The CAP series products have the capability to be used at the high end of the market.
Input USB B connector x1
*Bakun Products will gradually change its logo and name to SCL (SATRI Circuit Laboratory). Please note that the logo and name will be changed to SCL (SATRI Circuit Laboratory) in the near future.
The PC sound sources auditioned were ripped CDs, and 96kHz and 192kHz high-resolution sound sources downloaded from e-onkyo, including pop, Jazz, and classical music.
Listening was conducted in two stages. First, playback was performed with the USC-1001 alone, and second, playback was performed with the USC-1001 connected to the CAP-1006 in series.
As a result of the listening test, the rise and fall of the sound is good and the contour of the sound is clear both in the case of USC-1001 alone and when CAP-1006 is connected to USC-1001. Music is reproduced vividly in a wide bandwidth from low to high frequencies. Therefore, you will not feel bored even if you listen to music for a long time. I felt that this is a common sound that I also felt with CAP-1006.
I have not been able to produce a sound that exceeds CD playback with PC playback, but with the introduction of USC-1001 and CAP-1006, I was finally able to improve to a level where I can enjoy not only CD ripping playback but also high-resolution playback at 96 kHz and 192 kHz. I think it is a recommended product for those who think PC playback is not good enough.