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Yamamoto Sound Craft
Tweeter Stand TS-2A 1pair

Product code: TS2A

Yamamoto Sound Craft Tweeter Stand TS-2A 1pair

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Draws out 100% of the tweeter's performance!

Draws out 100% of the performance of the tweeter unit!

The S-2A is a tweeter stand for mounting a tweeter unit and placing it on top of a speaker enclosure or horn.
Compatible units include JBL 075, 2402, 2405, etc.

The stand is made from a block of laminated Asada cherry wood, which is known for its excellent sound resonance, and is carved using an extravagant method. This gives it sufficient strength in spite of its relatively compact size.

By combining it with an African ebony pin-type base (equivalent to PB-9), we have improved the installation method to enable a firm three-point support. This greatly reduces the influence of vibration from the woofer unit, resulting in a clearer sound.

The front corners have been rounded to reduce the sound diffraction effect. Even the tweeter unit can be maximized by securing it to a firm stand and carefully positioning it.
Type Mounting stand for tweeter unit
Dimensions 142(W) x 149(H) x 100(D) mm
Mounting Diameter 80 mm
Compatible unit JBL 075, 077, 2402, 2405 (H-type can be installed) EXCLUSIVE ET-703, 79~80mm
Material Laminated cherry wood, rosewood-colored furniture tone urethane coating
Attachment 3 African ebony pinpoint bases