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Teragaki Labo New TERRA-SP300 pair

Product code: tr300

Teragaki Labo New TERRA-SP300 pair

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Evolution to rich and transparent tone

New SP300

TERRA-SP300 has been completely renewed.
The system of the old SP300, which used two 20W driver units, has been changed to a configuration of three 20W units of 8Ω and 4Ω, the same as in the TERRA-SP500, to extend the range and enhance the mid-low range. In addition, the panel, which is the diaphragm, has been made even thinner than before, and the material of the back ribs of the panel has been changed to give a more transparent appearance.

The design is now a simple box shape. The slits on both sides have been expanded to the full surface, resulting in a speaker that is closer to an open-type speaker.

The SP300 has evolved through this major model change to have a richer, more transparent sound with a wider range and extended low frequency range, which was lacking in the previous model.
Unit 20W/8Ω x1, 20W/4Ω x2
Size W260xH470mm
Weight 7.5kg