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Bakoon Products SCA-7511MK4 Power Amplifier

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Bakoon Products SCA-7511MK4 Power Amplifier

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Versatile power amplifier with new generation circuitry

New generation amplifier with MK4 circuits


The SCA-7511MK4 features a completely redesigned circuit board and the addition of the new HIBIKI-IC to the SATRI-IC, resulting in a thicker, more informative, and more realistic sound. The MK4 is equipped with four HBFBCs, a newly developed impedance adjustment circuit for input/output, while maintaining the MK3's overwhelming information reproduction characteristics. This further increases the amount of information and reproduces the overwhelming amount of high-bit, high-sampling information with a realistic sound that rivals that of the high-end class.

While the MK3 had two voltage input systems, the MK4 has one voltage input system and one current input system, and the use of SATRI-LINK makes it possible to achieve even higher sound quality.

The SCA-7511MK4 is equipped with a BTL mode, allowing the user to easily switch from stereo to monaural amp with a switch on the rear panel, and by using two SCA-7511MK4s, the user can enjoy a much higher output and distortion-free authentic monaural sound.

The clear, natural sound and deep, quiet background are powerful enough to play in an ordinary room. Connect your CD player, etc. directly and enjoy the true CD sound you have never heard before. This is a versatile amplifier that also has the performance of a full-scale headphone amplifier.
Output Output: Stereo 15W+15W (8Ω/10%distortion), Mono 20W Headphone: 200mW (standard plug) x1
Inputs 1 voltage input (RCA jack), 1 current input (SATRI-LINK/BNC)
Input impedance 100KΩ
Applicable speaker impedance Speaker: Stereo 4Ω-8Ω, Monaural 8Ω Headphone Output: 4-600Ω
Noise Level VR max. 50μV (A-curve) VR min. 1μV (A-curve)
Dimensions 78mm(H) x 235mm(W) x 295mm(D)
Weight 2.9Kg
*Bacoon Products will gradually change its logo and name to SCL (SATRI Circuit Laboratory). Please be advised of this change.

The SCA-7511MK4 has been sent to us. It has more switches on the front and rear panels than the MK3. After wiring, I listened to it. I turned on the power, played a CD, and waited until the bias of the amplifier stabilized. As users of Bakoon products know, it is a surprise to hear a beautiful sound coming out of the speakers at the start of playback. That's how fast the MK4's bias stabilizes!
Thankfully, the MK4 is equipped with SATRI-LINK, which was not included in the MK3, so it can be used in combination with other Bakoon products with current output.
It is hard for a layman to tell how good the new circuitry, such as HIBIKI-IC, is, but it is completely close to the raw sound. It is the closest to live sound I have ever heard, although it has been quite good in the past. In any case, the sound field is expanded to be close to the sound as if you were listening to it in an actual concert hall. There is no electric feeling at all. There is no sense of being hard-working in the so-called "crunchy" part. The sound that should come out is delivered to us, and the sense of perspective is clear. It is very close to the feeling of listening at some distance from the conductor, not right behind him.
The sound itself and the soundstage are very natural, without any harshness. The vocals are excellent and draw you in as you listen.
The vocals are beyond the point where you can hear them singing in front of you; they convey more of a feeling. The subtle nuances of the voices are conveyed.
You can listen to it for hours and not get tired; on the contrary, it makes you feel good. If you listen to it seriously, you will feel a sense of realism, and if you play it like background music, it will not bother you at all.
The resolution and SN are also excellent. The breadth of sound is unmatched by the MK3. The sense of reality at low volume is also excellent. The sound is not thin at all. It only makes you feel like you are listening at a distance. Vocals are very natural, soft, and not tingling at all.
A more notable feature of this amplifier is that it has a BTL mode, which can be easily switched between stereo and mono with a switch on the rear panel, so if you have two SCA-7511MK4s, you can enjoy a much more powerful sound in mono. This is an attractive option that has already been proven with the high-end AMP-5511 and AMP-7510A.