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Bakoon Products PFL-3104 Power Noise Filter

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Bakoon Products PFL-3104 Power Noise Filter

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Eliminates noise and stabilizes power supply

Removes noise and stabilizes power supply


The PFL-3104 is a filter for removing digital and high-frequency noise from power supplies. It consists of a common mode filter with a toroidal transformer, an ultra-low impedance organic semiconductor capacitor, a high-current electrolytic capacitor, and a wide-band ceramic capacitor. The filter characteristics are as follows

At a frequency of 1MHz, noise is reduced to 1/33000 of the input. This effectively reduces noise when the company's CAP series amplifiers and other products are used with noisy USB power supplies such as PCs. In addition, since the power supply impedance of the output is greatly reduced, it can be expected to improve the drive power and S/N ratio. The maximum available voltage and current is 33V4A.

It is designed for use with the company's CAP series. The connector uses a DC plug with an external diameter of 5.5 mm and an internal diameter of 2.1 mm. The center of the connector is positive and the ring is negative. Depending on the crisis to which the device is connected, it may not operate properly due to its low output impedance.

Furthermore, since a large capacitor of more than 10,000 micro capacitors is installed, passing PFL-3104 through it is equivalent to increasing the capacitor capacity, allowing it to be used as a capacitor bank. This is especially useful for the CAP-1001 power amplifier using a DC power supply.

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