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Yamamoto Sound Craft
PB-18 spike base female set

Product code: PB18

Yamamoto Sound Craft PB-18 spike base female set

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Get a fresh, resonant and beautiful sound

Spike base made of African ebony and ceramic

African ebony wood is a very hard, dense, and beautiful top-quality product with a reputation for its resonance. It is one of the hardest and strongest materials among woods. If the legs of speakers, amplifiers, or other equipment that use spikes are supported by a metal base, it will cause the characteristic squeak of metal or damage the pin tips of the spikes.

African ebony has a moderate firmness (softness) and a beautiful resonance that allows it to bite into metal spikes and hold them in place. In addition, the PB-18 has an alumina ceramic chip inserted into the back surface that contacts the floor surface to provide a three-point support and further damping effect. The ceramic tip is 12 mm in diameter and protrudes about 0.5 mm from the bottom of the actual base, and its rounded tip allows for stable installation without damaging the floor. The hardness of the ceramic tip is 9, which is the second hardest after diamonds, and its relatively light weight provides a clear reproduction sound.

The combination of metal and wood rarely produces metallic squeaks, and the bass is tightened to obtain the unique, clear, and crisp sound of pinpoint support, resulting in a beautifully resonant and clear reproduction sound.
Dimensions 38(W)×38(D)×18.5(H) mm
Material (Body):Solid African ebony (3-point grounding part):Alumina ceramics (Alumina 96)
Load capacity 60kg
The metal spikes bite into the floor well, so there is no chattering as if the metals repel each other, and there is no so-called metal squeal. The white spot is the ceramic base that is in contact with the floor surface, which has a higher point effect than other wooden spike bases, and the sound is tighter and more transparent throughout the entire range. The low frequency range is tightened up and the high frequency range goes high without any blurring.