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Yamamoto Sound Craft
PB-18 spike base female set

Product code: PB18

Yamamoto Sound Craft PB-18 spike base female set

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Fresh, beautiful resonant and sound

Ebony and ceramic combination spike base set

African ebony wood is a finest item with a reputation for its good reverberation, very hard, dense and beautiful.It is heavy in weight and is one of the hardest and strongest materials among wood. The legs of equipment that adopted spikes such as speakers and amplifiers set on metal receiving bases, it would be squeaking peculiar to metals, or tip of spikes may be damaged.

African ebony has moderate hardness (softness) and beauty of its sound. Thus ebony base receives a metallic spike, it can be digged into the base appropriately and the base hold a spike properly.
Furthermore, in PB-18, a chip of alumina ceramic was fitted to the back surface in contact with the floor surface as a three point support, it is fulfilling further damping effect.

With metal and wood combination, there is little metal squeal, typical pin point support gives bass tightens, fresh, beautifulresonance and quiet clearly reproduction.
Dimensions 38(W)×38(D)×18.5(H) mm
Material African ebony Alumina ceramics (Alumina 96)
Load bearing capacity 60kg
The metal spikes bite in well, so there is no chattering as if the metal is repelling each other, no so-called metal squeal, and a high sense of stability.The best part is that the ceramic base is in contact with the floor, so it has a higher point effect than other wooden spike receptacle bases, and the sound is tighter and more transparent throughout.The low frequency range was tightened up and the high frequency range went high without any blurring.