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Yamamoto Sound Craft
PB-9 ebony base - Male

Product code: OS-SPK

Yamamoto Sound Craft PB-9 ebony base - Male

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Pleasant and clear playback sound

High quality African ebony pin point base

PB-9 and PB-10 areSetting base for amplifier, speaker, are used individually or in combination with each other. The material is one of the most hard wood African ebony thatis a finest item with a reputation for its good reverberation, very hard, dense and beautiful.It is heavy in weight and is one of the hardest and strongest materials among wood.
PB-9 and PB-10 are used in combination as an upper and lower structure under an amplifier etc, then both the upper and lower surfaces become flat and supporting audio equipment with stability.
Metal is often used for pinpoint base though, metallic spikes often appears resonance sound peculiar to metal. PB-10 is wood, it prevents inherent resonance sound, it can get a clear sound that is comfortable and clear in ears.
Dimensions 34mm(D) x 19mm(H)
Height of tip 5mm