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Yamamoto Sound Craft
OS-92 (4 shelf boards, height 92 cm type) Audio rack

Product code: os-92-1

Yamamoto Sound Craft OS-92 (4 shelf boards, height 92 cm type) Audio rack

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Net domestic high-performance cherry tree rack


Each product of the audio rack OS series and OSW series uses a cherry blossom plate on the shelf board, and a high-performance rack of net production materials and all domestic production that adopted a solid member of Asada cherry blossoms with excellent strength and strength. Using a 30 mm thick treachered plywood on the shelf board, the posts can use the 32 mm thick ladder of Asada cherry blossoms, and the entire height is 922 mm and the shelf board can be up and down at 50 mm intervals. The inner size of the shelf board can store mostly audio devices with 506 (W) 450 (D). Because the strength is large, you can install a record player on the top plate. The standard specification is 4 shelf boards, but it is also possible to increase the number of stages if you purchase a solder OSB-M shelf unit unit.

The assembly is assembled with eight screws per step, loading is lighted when the device is lighted, and when it gets heavy and heavy, the load capacity is increased to receive it in the groove of the post. The finish is coating the same urethane as luxury furniture, so it does not deteriorate with long-term use. The side of the shelf board, the rear is not partitioned, so the heat dissipation effect is sufficient.

It has a margin of 60 kg per stage. The height of the shelf board can be easily changed at 50 mm intervals, and free layout is possible. In addition, wiring work is also easy.

We recommend using a spiky pink sold separately in the carpeted room. Casers are also available again. The spike material is brass shapes, and the height is 17 mm higher during use.
Casters adopt the body of aluminum die casting and high strength, and 4 load capacity is 200 kg. The height is 65 mm higher when used.
Shelf board size W520XD450XH30mm
Pillar length 922mm
Overall size W570xD450XH922MM
weight 26.8 kg