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HIDIZS MD4 4 Balanced Driver HIFI In -Eier Monitor earphone

Product code: md4

HIDIZS MD4 4 Balanced Driver HIFI In -Eier Monitor earphone

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Four custom -designed BA drivers -Hidizs Gold Effect

Combining his four HIDIZS custom balance armature drivers, it has a sound that has been developed and coordinated for many years by HIDIZS professional audio teams for years.

High -precision 3D print straight acoustic sound structure

Redified internal audio transmission structure, high-precision 3D print straight acoustic sound tube guarantee the continuous and clean audio output of custom-designed 4-BA drivers, and interferes with the sound of multiple drivers. Will be reduced.

3 -way crossover

The MQA audio technology is supported by HIDIZS S3 Pro Portable DAC AMP, which can fully "deploy" MQA files to achieve outstanding sound quality.

One price for 4! ? I don't need the sound of single tuning anymore

Easy to switch to four different sound styles, electronic crossover technology, 2 -level tuning switches, high impedance and roin dance can be easily switched.
Ballanced: Classic HIDIZS tuning, suitable for most people's listening style.
Warm: Demonstrates excellent performance at all frequencies and has a stronger musical sense. Suitable for folk and pop music.
TREBLE: Mematic high sounds/super high notes. Suitable for rock and electronic music.
Bass: The boost bass is an excellent speed and tight response. Ideal for symphony and classical music.

With elegance in the ear -Hidizs Metallic Art

Handmade plating: Laser cut and hand -polished manually, and beautiful amber. EU IIA -certified medical grade -friendly resin is used.

More comfortable comfort

The headphone connector adopts an elbow design based on an ergonomic in the human ear curve to optimize the wearing feeling. The cable socket uses gold -plated materials to achieve more stable and smooth audio transmission.

Excellent cable

High -purity silver wire 60 pieces + 60 high -purity -free copper wires are densely twisted with four twists, achieving the lightness and sound quality improvement. Gin line with bright and clean sound. Copper wire to add smoothness and calm performance.

Classic 0.78mm 2 -pin design

Following the standard design of 0.78mm2pin, the conformity and compatibility of the cable are enhanced. You can enjoy a more upgraded sound with the same specification cable, and gain more listening experiences.

HIDIZS EA01 Portable Custom Fake Leather Case

It is designed so that you can carry it with confidence. Using premium, waterproof, and sustainable polyurethane leather, it is designed with magnet clasp and iron reinforced leather, preventing shape loss and providing maximum protection. Handmade by skilled craftsmen.

High -resolution certification

Certification of high -resolution sound source by Sony. With the certification of the JAS (Japan Audio Association) and the CEA (the National Home Appliance Association), it is possible to regenerate elaborate quality and original sound.

model MD4
product name

4 Balanced Armachure Driver HIFI Innia Monitor


Custom HIFI Innia monitor

Custom BA driver High range x1, midrange x1, low range x1
Tuning switch

4-Level Select (Balanced, Warm, Treble, Bass)


Aluminum alloy CNC integrated type, rose gold middle frame, handmade celluloid face plate, aluminum alloy output nozzle

Internal voice transmission structure High -precision 3D print / straight acoustic sound structure
Frequency response 20Hz ~ 40kHz
crossover 3 -way
sensitivity 102 ± 1db@1kHz
Impedance 8Ω @ 1kHz
Rated output 3MW
cable 4 core knitting line (2 core high purity silver line & 2 core OFC line), length 1.2m
Earphone connector

Detached type 0.78mm 2pin gold plating socket

plug 3.5 gold plating plug

Approximately 14g (including earphone cable)

Package content

1 x MD4 earphones
1x3.5mm earphone cable
1 x leather carry box
9 pairs x ear chips
1 x cleaning brush
1 x user manual
1 x warranty