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MarkAudio NC7_MAOP bookshelf speaker pair

Product code: NC7v2_MAOP_MW

MarkAudio NC7_MAOP bookshelf speaker pair

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Reproduction capability designed with the latest theory

Beautiful speakers made of selected solid materials and craftsmanship


The NC7v2 is a sister model of the flagship NC11, MAOP7_v2 is an excellent model with flat reproduction down to 34000Hz (±6dB), and its light weight of 3.3g (MMS 3.8g) is very attractive. The resonance frequency (Fb) is expected to be 50Hz, which is very attractive and well-balanced in reproducing the basic elements of music. The NC7v2_WNT (solid walnut) and NC7v2_MW (combination of hard maple and solid walnut) are available in two models made by craftsmen who manufacture musical instruments using high quality solid wood to match the dynamic and delicate driver.

The hard maple/walnut is attractive for its fast rise and good localization due to maple's hardness and good transmission characteristics.

Walnut has a high damping factor (sound attraction) relative to its specific weight, so it reproduces rich indirect sounds such as hall tones in a concert hall.

MAOP (Micro-Arc Oxidation Process)

The MAOP process creates crystals by oxidizing the surface of aluminum-magnesium cones over a long period of time in an alkaline electrolytic bath solution with a very high voltage (700 V). The effect of this process is that the crystals dump out the 10% of sound resonance waves that would normally pass through the surface of a metal cone. In conventional metal cones, the microresonance pattern passing through the surface is transmitted directly to the frame, but with this MAOP process, the metal cone itself achieves a damping effect similar to that of a pulp cone, which was not possible before. This is the reason why it is called a "quiet and silky smooth audio driver.

MAOP_7v2 uses a rectangular copper wire for the voice coil, which is about 30% more efficient than a round wire in terms of conversion efficiency in a magnetic field, allowing the drive weight (MMD) to be reduced. 2 contributes to the sound quality of MAOP_7v2 throughout its entire range.MAOP_7v2 reproduces flatly down to 34kHz, and the combination of a long stroke of 4.5mm Xmax (amplitude) and an ultra-thin alloy cone of 100μmm in the total weight (MMS) of 3.9g of the drive unit makes this best-selling model a combination of delicate mid-high tones and pure low tones with low distortion.

Combining the delicacy of hard maple and the beauty of walnut sound quality

Hard maple wood is extremely hard and has high specific gravity, making it a wood with good sound transmission characteristics. For this reason, it is often used for guitar necks. Therefore, it reproduces the contours of cymbals and the details of reverberations. Therefore, by using hard maple for the baffle surface and walnut for the side panels, we have created a well-balanced system with a sense of contour and three-dimensionality. Enjoy the realistic and delicate musical expression and density of the MAOP7 sound that you have never experienced before. This model has a modern matte urethane finish often used in Scandinavian furniture.

Features reproduction of hall tones and musical space

Walnut wood is characterized by its heavy hardness and low deviation, and it reproduces reflected and indirect sound particularly beautifully. For this reason, it is used for various musical instruments. It has moderate damping ability, which gives the music a warm and expansive sound, making it ideal for enjoying the space of a concert hall and the resonance of the overtones of musical instruments. It has a traditional urethane gloss finish.

Oval bass reflex port

While bass reflex sound is a bright, energetic, and complete way to design a speaker system, some people prefer the subdued yet smooth and gentle characteristics of the acoustic suspension type, even down to the ultra-low frequencies. To reduce the steep, ultra-low frequency attenuation of a bass reflex, an oval structure is adopted by layering solid wood to create a design that combines the "best of both worlds" - bass reflex and sealed.


When I unpacked the NC7v2_MW sent from the Matsumoto factory, I was struck by the beauty of the finish. The beautiful top is made of five solid pieces of wood, but it feels like a single piece of wood to the touch.

The beauty of the Nature Collection series is that it is made of carefully selected materials and carefully crafted by experienced artisans to create a finish that is more beautiful than the finest furniture in the living room.

SP Unit MAOP_7v2
Playback frequency 55Hz-34,000 Hz
Maximum Input 30W (cont.)
Output sound pressure level 86dB /1w@1m
Rated Impedance 5.4Ω
Mms 3.90 g
Xmax(1way) 4.5mm
Dimensions 190 x 360 x 250 mm
Weight 5.8 kg