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Jasmine Jasmine Audio JS-TA224 Carbon Straight Tone Arm

Product code: js-ta224

Jasmine Jasmine Audio JS-TA224 Carbon Straight Tone Arm

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JS-TA224 9-inch tone arm mounted on a LINN-12 turntable for superior performance.

Optimized scientific tracking algorithm

The TA224 9-inch tone arm has excellent tracking performance, with tracking distortion of less than 0.7%.

Scientific material selection and precise CNC

TA224 uses carbon fiber arm tube and shock absorber coupling material.
Rational material selection has improved the resonance absorption performance of the TA224 tone arm.
Accurate and precise machining techniques have enabled the TA224 to achieve its superior design goals.


The straight tone arm is made of carbon fiber and is lighter than expected. The JS-TA224's cartridge weight is 5~17 g. Jasmine's tone arm has a wide range of adjustment when set up on a turntable, so you will want to make sure that the arm is properly matched to the turntable. JS-TA224 is not equipped with a weight gauge, so a needle pressure gauge is necessary. It is clear that the JS-TA224 has excellent tracking and resonance absorption performance, and the reproduced sound is very crisp and free of hesitation or play. The sound is very crisp and direct, with no hesitation or play.

Effective length 240mm
Overhang 16mm
Mounting distance 224mm
Offset angle 22.2°
Null point 62.41mm, 118.95mm
Compatible cartridge weight 5-17g
Tracking distortion <=0.7%