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Jasmine Audio MM Cartridge Series - M1

Product code: jasmine-m1

Jasmine Audio MM Cartridge Series - M1

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Conical joint diamond stylus
Hard-coated aluminum cantilever
Excellent tracking capability

Strong NdFeB magnet
Core structure Inverse couple 4 coils
Clear sound field and high channel separation
Bionic streamlined body
Absorbs resonance for beautifully smooth sound quality

Clear, dense sound
New materials and design breathe new life into tradition.

Type MM
Coil 0.03mm TPC
Stylus Conical Bond Diamond
Cantilever Hard Coat Aluminum
Height 18mm
Weight 4.8g
DC Resistance 270Ω
Output Level 3.5mv (@1KHz, 5cm/s)
Frequency response 20-20KHZ +/-1dB
Channel Separation > 23dB@1KHz
Channel Balance < 1.5dB
Needle pressure 2.0-3.0g
Recommended needle pressure 2.5g
Load impedance 47KΩ
Load capacitance 100-200pF
Compliance 9.0μm