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Yamamoto Sound Craft
HS-7 Camellia Headshell

Product code: hs7

Yamamoto Sound Craft  HS-7 Camellia Headshell

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Lightest weight camellia wood headshell

Lightest weight headshell

HS-7 is a wooden headshell made of Japanese camellia wood, a rare and excellent material. Camellia wood has a specific gravity of 0.7, which is much lighter than ebony, yet the grain is very fine and uniform. With a dead weight of 8.1g (not including the mounting screws), it is one of the lightest headshells available.

In general, the lighter the weight of a record player's tone arm (cartridge and headshell), the higher the sensitivity of its operation, so we recommend using the HS-7 with a light vibration system to take advantage of its light weight. By reducing the mass of the headshell, you can enjoy a different and lighter sound from the same cartridge.
The HS-7's surface is treated with clear eco-friendly paint, and its natural appearance with wood grain has a unique charm. The finger rests are made of brass and gold-plated. Since wood itself does not emit inherent resonance sound, there is almost no squeaking of the finger rest, which is a problem with metal shells.
Material Body: Camellia wood (clear, eco-friendly paint finish) Finger rest: brass (non-magnetic gold-plated finish)
Dimensions 18(W)x50(L)x18(H)
Weight 8.1g
Shell lead Standard type
Accessories Standard 4-color shell lead included 3 types of gold-plated brass mounting screws included