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Yamamoto Sound Craft HS-6 / HS-6S All Titanium Headshells

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Yamamoto Sound Craft HS-6 / HS-6S All Titanium Headshells

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Attached lead wire

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High speed, high resolution, dramatically improved precision

Selected by Audio Accessory MagazineAudio Excellence Award

HS-6 and HS-6S are made of high-purity titanium material with an austere gray appearance, which is the most promising material for headshells among metal-based materials because of its light weight and high strength. Titanium is not magnetic and does not affect cartridges with magnets. In the field of acoustics, titanium is also used for horn driver diaphragms, etc., and its sound quality is highly advantageous.

In HS-6 and HS-6S, titanium is used not only for the shell itself but also for the finger rest and connector.
The connector, in particular, uses titanium for the outer metal sleeve and locking pin, Teflon, which has the best insulation properties, for the inner insulation material, and terminal pins machined from pure copper. The pins are non-magnetic primed and have a thick gold-plated finish. By integrating titanium as the metal material including the mounting screws, the mounting strength has been improved to the utmost limit, allowing the user to enjoy a powerful sound with a sense of speed.

The weight of the HS-6 and HS-6S has been kept as light as possible, with the dead weight of 14.2g including lead wires. This makes it possible to use them with lightweight tone arms. The lightweight headshells are characterized by a light and responsive sound. Enjoy the unprecedented light and powerful sound.

Magazine Evaluation

The all-titanium HS-6/HS-6S, which has been stripped down to the extreme and made lightweight, offers high speed, high resolution, and dramatically improved precision. Classical and jazz music is faster and more informative, and the lower registers are more powerful. Overall, the sound is cool, expansive, and deserves a surprise. The vocal quality, cool and bright expression is one of the best choices for pop music as well.
Material Body: Pure titanium Finger clip: Pure titanium Connector sleeve and stopper pin: Pure titanium Connector terminal pin: Pure copper with non-magnetic gold-plated pins Connector insulation: Teflon
Dimensions 18(W)x50(L)x16(H)
Weight 14.2g
Shell lead

HS-6: Standard shell lead included

HS-6S: Teflon insulated, extra thick copper wire shell lead included

Accessories Titanium mounting screws 6mm, 8mm, 12mm, 15mm