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Yamamoto Sound Craft
HS-4+TY-1 headshell set

Product code: hs4sty1-1

Yamamoto Sound Craft HS-4+TY-1 headshell set

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Attached lead wire
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A set product that eliminates troublesome installation work

Improve the sound of a familiar cartridge by one rank!

Yamamoto Acoustic Craft's HS-4 carbon fiber headshell and Yamamoto's lightweight and highly rigid TY-1 pure titanium headshell are installed at our store. This is a set product that eliminates the troublesome installation process.
Carbon fiber is twice as rigid as steel, 1/5 the weight of steel, and has excellent sonic velocity (speed of sound propagation). The most important requirements for a headshell material are light weight, high strength, and low resonance. Carbon fiber is the best material to satisfy all these requirements.
By changing to a highly rigid titanium finger rest, the combination of carbon and titanium increases the overall rigidity, further improving the tightness of the sound and clarifying the sound image.

Material Body: Carbon Fiber 5mm thick Finger joint: TY-1 titanium 0.45g Connector: soldered on connector side (not replaceable) Connector terminal pin: Machined phosphor bronze, gold-plated phosphor bronze Connector insulation: Teflon
Dimensions 18(W) 50(L) 18(H)
Weight 10.7g (including lead wire, not including mounting screw)
Shell lead Standard 4-color lead wires
Accessories 3 types of gold-plated brass mounting screws included