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Yamamoto Sound Crafts HS-2 Hokkaido asada cherry wood headshell

Product code: HS-2

Yamamoto Sound Crafts HS-2 Hokkaido asada cherry wood headshell

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Natural and ear-friendly sound

Warm and comfortable cherry wood headshell


Only the best quality Asada cherry heartwood is carefully selected for the HS-2. Since this asada cherry wood is not hard enough to be threaded, it is designed to hold cartridges securely in place using a brass plate that doubles as a finger rest for screwing. Since the specific gravity of cherry wood is lighter than that of metal or ebony, the weight is balanced with this brass plate. The dead weight was about 10g for both models.
In addition, the company's weight adjustmentWasher WA-1for weight adjustment, the weight balance can be adjusted more easily.

To preserve the texture and feel of the wood, it is coated with eco-friendly protective paint, which has almost no effect on the human body, and finished with a buffed finish. Please feel the unique appearance and softness of wood.
Material Body: Selected heartwood of Hokkaido asada cherry wood (clear, eco-friendly paint finish) Finger rest: 1.5mm thick brass (nonmagnetic gold-plated finish)
Dimensions 18(W)x50(L)x18(H)
Weight 10.4g
Shell lead Standard type
Accessories Standard 4-color shell lead included 3 types of gold-plated brass mounting screws included
The sound is organic and unobtrusive. It is not a good match for rock, funk, and other electric gory sounds, but it plays vocals and live instruments with a pleasant warmth. In particular, the vocal harmonies ("First" by the Eagles) spread out beautifully and softly, and I fell in love with them.
*analog magazine
The sound quality of the HS-2 can be characterized by its clean resonance and beautiful reverberations. The sound is natural and gentle to the ear, completely different from common metal shells.
The reproduced sound is pleasant to the ear, bringing out the beautiful resonance that wooden materials possess. It reproduces vocals and live instruments comfortably and warmly.