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Fidelix HIGH TRANSMISSION high clear glass turntable seat

Product code: high-transmission

Fidelix HIGH TRANSMISSION high clear glass turntable seat

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Effects as good as those of crystal glass


Made of high clear glass with a thickness of 6mm.
This glass material is of high purity and is used for showcases in museums and art galleries.
The label portion of the surface in contact with the record is slightly burred to improve adhesion.

High-transmission glass and crystal glass are very similar, so it is not immediately obvious. Repeated listening comparisons revealed the surprising result that the high-transmission glass has a subtly lower center of gravity than the crystal glass, which is sometimes preferable. When the glassy resonance is suppressed, the true timbre of the instrument begins to be heard, and at the same time the bass sounds as if it has been extended deeper.

Please note that the platters may be slippery if they are made of metal or other materials with a high degree of smoothness.

Dimensions W290 x H6mm
Weight Approx. 940g