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Bakoon Products HDA-5210mk4 Headphone Amplifier

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Bakoon Products HDA-5210mk4 Headphone Amplifier

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Sound with another dimension of resolution and depth!

MK4 with newly developed IC

The HDA-5210mk4 is a new model equipped with the mk4 circuit, which is a further evolution from the HDA-5210mk3 developed for the purpose of making headphones sound at their best quality. The new model is equipped with SATRI-IC and the new HIBIKI-IC. It also starts up faster when powered on. A high-impedance current output is also provided. Driving headphones with current results in less distortion and more precise reproduction compared to voltage drive. Many headphones have less undulation in their impedance frequency response, and when these headphones are used with current output, it is possible to hear a lot of information that cannot be obtained with voltage drive.

The HDA-5210mk4 has a SATRI-LINK current input for use with the company's preamplifiers and D/A converters. A single voltage input allows it to be used with preamplifiers and D/A converters other than the company's with good results. The amplifier gain is controlled by a 23-step attenuator, which can be continuously varied up to 20db. Unlike normal volume controls, there is no S/N degradation as the volume is turned down.

The voltage output is suitable for headphones with an impedance up to approximately 100 ohms. The current output drives the headphones with a very high impedance, resulting in less distortion and a frequency response that varies with the impedance curve of the headphones, making it suitable for almost all headphones. The gain of the current output can be switched with the CURRENT GAIN switch to match the headphones. The current output and voltage output can be used simultaneously. In this case, the output current of the current output is the current flowing through the headphones connected to the voltage output. Therefore, the output current of the current output reflects the individuality of the headphones connected to the voltage output. Therefore, the sound will vary depending on the headphones connected to the voltage output.

Very fast start-up, dynamic and powerful bass, a sense of presence, and a deep, vast and silent background and sound field. It is a sound that sets it apart from many headphone amplifiers. The overwhelming sense of presence and resolution, the amazingly natural reproduction and depth of the live sound will not wear you out even after long periods of listening. It is more comfortable than you can imagine, and once you hear it, you will never want to let it go.
Input Voltage input: (RCA) x 1, Current input (SATRI-LINK): BNC x 1
Outputs Voltage output: Standard headphone jack x 1, Current output: Standard headphone jack x 1
Frequency Response 20kHz/-0.03dB, 100kHz/-0.17dB
Headphone impedance 33Ω
Compatible Impedance 8-600Ω
Maximum output Voltage output: 1000mW Current output: 500mW
Gain 4.5 times
Power supply 100V, 120V, 220V, 240V/50, 60Hz
Outer dimensions 78mm(H) x 235mm(W) x 295mm(D)
Weight 2.9kg
*Bacoon Products will gradually change its logo and name to SCL (SATRI Circuit Laboratory). Please be advised of this change.