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Emission Lab EML80 1 bottle

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Emission Lab EML80 1 bottle

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Suppresses hum emissions


The 80 rectifier tube is suitable for radios and small amplifiers. This diode is smaller than the 5U4G and is intended for lower DC output current and lower voltage. The maximum value of the first capacitor is 20uF, which is lower than the 5U4G, but 20uA is sufficient since the 80 is for 135mA max. Due to the high anode impedance of this tube, the output ripple will also be low, and I must say that the 80 is a very good choice if it is to be used with low currents, such as 135mA or less.

For very low ripple, we recommend using a Rundahl LL1673 dual coil choke in a low CMR configuration. In this configuration, there is virtually no field emission from the choke.

  • Hard metal filament, series connection
  • Hand-blown globe-shaped glass
  • Oversized getter
  • Gold plated pins, black ceramic UX4 socket. (White bottom). Suitable for Yamamoto's vacuum tube sockets.
80 rectifier tubes are for small radios and are used in combination with output tubes such as 45 triode or 47 pentode. It is an ideal choice for small HiFi amplifiers and preamplifiers. it can be seen as a smaller version of the 5U4G, but the 80 tube has a higher plate impedance, which is advantageous for low hum circuit designs. the maximum capacitor value for the 80 tube is limited to 20uF. Because of the very good relationship of the maximum capacitor value to heater current, the 80 rectifier tube is very robust.
All in all, the 80 rectifier tube is a very reliable vacuum tube, and its relatively high first capacitor makes it a comfortable tube for electronics designers. However, this tube is also characterized by a rather high dynamic resistance, which reduces the hum of the power supply and the radiation of hum to the rest of the circuit. For headphone amplifiers, this tube is also a very good choice.

Filament Rating

Filament Voltage 5 volts (AC or DC)
Filament voltage tolerance 5%
Filament current 2Am


Maximum Rating

AC Input Voltage 350V
DC Output Current 125mA
First capacitor connected to anode 20uF