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Emission Labs EML45 Matched Pair

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Emission Labs EML45 Matched Pair

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Same standard as RCA45,Completely original specifications

Bass reproduction with minimum distortion


This vacuum tube is a completely original specification of RCA type made in the U.S.A.All critical parts are made of tungsten carbide for reliability and reproducible quality.

EML has greatly reduced the hum and distortion of all vacuum tubes by means of a new filament structure. This was achieved by a real physical filament with the cathode tap placed outside the anode, i.e., inside the glass bulb. As a result, the hum level of the EML45 is even lower than the hum level of many good NOS tubes.

Distortion on the EML tubes is probably minimal. Bass distortion is always the first to appear, since the bass of the amplifier has the highest electrical signal level. This changes the character of the sound, making the bass less "dry". At medium volumes, this is not audible as distortion. However, the overall sound image loses its accuracy and naturalness, which can be tiring to the ear. It is very important to understand this mechanism, and the EML45 vacuum tube makes a strong contribution here by reproducing bass with the minimal distortion that a 45 vacuum tube is capable of.

  • Grid currents in the nanoamp range vs. NOS tubes, which can be 2uA
  • Cathode tap filament
  • 30% lower distortion compared to other 45
  • Carbide structure.Hard metal filaments prevent filament breakage in DHT tubing.The Wolfram grid is an extremely hard metal, allowing for the most accurate grid wire distances. This improves grid accuracy, uniformity and straightness at the lower end of the tubing curve.
  • Two oversized getters
  • Hand-blown glass sphere
  • Anti-microphonic anode and grid suspension
  • Tube printing with real gold (metal), red is glass baked into glass
  • Gold plated pins, black ceramic sockets (white bottom)

EML 45 filament rating

Filament Voltage 2.5V (AC or DC)
Filament voltage tolerance 5%
Filament Current ~ 1.5 Am
Maximum standby time (heater voltage only) 2 hrs


EML 45 Maximum rating(Cannot be used at the same time)

Anode voltage 300V
Anode current 45W
Continuous anode dissipation 11W
Class A output 2.5W
Grid resistance, max. possible 500kΩ