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Emission Labs EML 2A3M Mesh Plate Matched Pair

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Emission Labs EML 2A3M Mesh Plate Matched Pair

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Same standard as RCA 2A3

Mesh plate that makes magic happen to sound


The EML 2A3 mesh tube is plug & play and directly replaces the original RCA2A3 tube. It features a mesh window on the anode. This combines the mechanical stability of a solid plate tube with the soft, resonance damping properties of the mesh material. We believe this is the most ideal combination for low-power audio tubes.

When a mesh anode is attached to a vacuum tube, something magical happens to the sound. We believe this is due to the high attenuation properties of the wire mesh material. With mesh tubes, you experience what people call a more "transparent" soundstage. This means a more realistic stereo reproduction of the original sound recording. With this high quality product, you can enjoy the best that a small triode tube has to offer.

EML 2A3mesh tube is constructed to minimize microphonics. All critical parts such as filaments and grids are made of tungsten carbide for higher reliability and reproducible quality. The tube base is bonded to the glass with anti-vibration rubber.

  • Gold-plated grids.This improves tube bias stability, provides protection against accidental overloads, improves the linearity of the tube curve, and significantly reduces grid current.
  • Gray wire mesh
  • Soft rubber suspended tube base
  • Cathode tap filament version available (order V4 version)
  • Electrically compatible with vintage 2A3 tubing by RCA
  • Carbide construction; EML tubing is made of carbide alloys such as molybdenum and wolfram.
  • Two oversized getters
  • Hand-blown glass balls
  • Anti-microphonic anode and grid suspension
  • Tube printing with real gold (metal), red is glass baked into glass.
  • Gold plated pins, black ceramic sockets (white bottom)

When 2A3-Mesh is not recommended

When mesh tubes are used as output tubes in a separate preamplifier or in a headphone amplifier, spurious noise may occur. This is rare, but when it does occur, it is not a tube problem. Otherwise, EML solid plate tubes are recommended.

EML 2A3-mesh filament rating

Filament Voltage 2.5V (AC or DC)
Filament voltage tolerance 4%
2.4 at tube pins ... 2.6V
2.5 ... 2.7V on socket pins 2.7V
Filament current 2.5Am
Maximum standby time (heater voltage only) 2 hours


EML 2A3-mesh Maximum Conditions(Cannot be done at the same time)

Maximum anode voltage 350V
Anode current 70mA
Anode dissipation Continuous 18W
Maximum grid/ground resistance, single-ended: auto bias 500kOhm
Maximum grid/ground resistance, single-endedFixedBias 50kOhm