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Emission Lab EML274 1 bottle

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Emission Lab EML274 1 bottle

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274B in stock. 274A not in stock. Shipping will be around 1 or 2 days. If out of stock, it will take about 3 weeks to order.

Same standard as Western Electric


Electrically equivalent to the original Western Electric historical tubes.

This tube can provide 140mA with a normal CLC filter. 274A and 274B are designed for audio applications, and their best use is as the first capacitor of small size.

The EML 274 is also particularly well suited for applications with relatively high DC voltages.The new ceramic sockets used in 2011 make this possible.

The intent of the 274B is to reduce the current peaks through the capacitors and power transformer.This results in less mechanical hum in the transformer, less electrical and magnetic hum radiation into the preamplifier, and improved sound compared to low-impedance rectifier tubes such as 5U4G or solid-state rectifiers.

Filament Rating

Filament Voltage 5 volts (AC or DC)
Filament voltage tolerance 5%
Filament current 2Am


Maximum Rating(Not available at the same time)

AC input voltage 550V
DC Output Current 160mA
First capacitor connected to anode 40uF